Buy Eleanor Of Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England by Alison Weir (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine was one of the leading personalities of the Middle By careful research, Alison Weir has produced a vivid biography with a fresh. “The extraordinary life of Eleanor of Aquitaine is brilliantly recreated by Alison Weir in her winning biography.” (The Good Book Guide) “As delicately textured as.

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It was never finished, due to pressure of work, but you can read it here: For instance, a detailed analysis of Beckett’s and Henry’s relationship was underpinned by the conclusion that th Alisln saying this was a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, this book had surprisingly little information on the Queen herself. Again she shifted her loyalty, this time to her sons, whom she supported in their unsuccessful rebellion against their father elenorin league with her former husband.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life

Eleanor of Aquitaine lived a long life of many contrasts, of splendor and desolation, power and peril, and in this stunning narrative, Weir captures the woman– and the queen–in all her glory. Father, before I take the veil in the morning. It’s a genre that’s now extremely passein fact I’ve had a historical novel based around Lady Jane Grey in the pipeline for years. Whole chapters Alison Weir’s biography of Eleanor asuitaine Aquitaine is pf and well-researched, from birth to death.

Finally, there is qeir talk in the media of suitable role models for girls. Most other late-twentieth-century historians have drawn other conclusions, that such allegations were fabricated by scandal-mongering chroniclers who were biased against Eleanor anyway.

Generally, I am not in favour of remakes – they rarely live up to the original – but I have no wish to damn this one out of court.

The fragments of information we have do not give us a whole picture, so I have had to infer my conclusions from what is available. Personal choice was rarely and issue. The verdict even of his enemies was that he was “the most remarkable ruler of his times. But as I said, that is more a result of the scant evidence left behind in the historical record when it comes to the lives of women. She received her formal training in history at teacher training college.

On the other hand Shakespeare in Love was fantastic, pure entertainment and so believable, but Elizabeth was disappointing for me. We can’t know such people as individuals, though we can think about them in terms of the web-like structures of power and authority and custom and tradition in which they sat. Alas, Henry’s virtues all curdled in his beastly clutch of legitimate sons – vainglorious arse Henry the Young King, brutal Richard, the truly horrible Geoffrey think lesser Shakespearean malcontentand John, who was just an all-round prick.


And I love history books and am generally pretty adept at overcoming dry writing for the overall allure of the subject matter.

Book Review: Eleanor of Aquitaine (by Alison Weir) : BH | HistoryNet

They don’t make them like this any more! Allison Weir is a brilliant historian and very detailed writer! Despite her struggles she was imprisoned by her second husband for many years. Eleanor of Aquitaine lived in the 12th century. Had you seen either of these films when you started work on the book, and if so, how well do you think they represented the historical players? Inshe travelled to Spain to fetch a bride for Richard, and escorted her to Sicily to meet her bridegroom.

In the fifteenth century, Woodstock was in the possession of Joanna of Navarre, the wife and widow of Henry IV, for 34 years. Your email address will not be published.

Her biography is also partly eclipsed as circumstance of the paternal world of the royal courts of Europe in the Middle Ages. Queens of the Conquest: Weir did extensive research, and since so little was written about women in the 12th century, even a queen, the biography is a very well written history of Eleanor and the men in her life; King Louis of France, her first husband, and Henry II King of England, her second.

When the rebellions ende A scholarly but lightly-written book on late 12th Century European politics, as told through the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Not only is this deeply disappointing to the kind of people who are interested in history and know a great deal about it, it also misinforms people who but take film and television as gospel truth. In an age that is obsessed with youth and despises any form of ageing, we should do well to learn from Eleanor’s example that it is possible to be a high achiever even after the age at aquiatine most people have retired from work. All that remained was to convince my publishers of this. The first was a history, Eleanor of Aquitainesticking closely to facts and examining all sources rigorously.

What people ate and drank, behaviour at court and how this related to life for the individual. Will you work your way through the Plantagenets? I entirely agree that well-researched historical fiction can be an aid to understanding history.


Books by Alison Weir

Although Abelard was tormented by guilt at betraying his vows, Heloise saw things rather differently. Having hailed from a slightly more enlightened area in which women could inherit and govern their lands in their own right, she was soon wielding her influence over eeleanor adoring husband, much to the dismay of the clergy who’d much rather be dleanor the influencing and who sought successfully to curb her power. Add both to Cart Add both to List.

I frequently get comments on ‘facts’ culled from e,eanor historical travesty of a film. She was no shrinking violet, but a tough, capable and resourceful woman who effortlessly wielded authority over men in a male-dominated age, and won their respect. Future ti-tles are now under discussion, but I am keen aquitaihe write another mediaeval book, possibly on John of Gaunt of Isabella of France.

This was, after all, an era in which the value of a woman was calculated by how many sons she produced.

They cannot inspire their nobles;u they make war on each other and one of them essentially loses England’s continental empire.

Review “An xquitaine candid portrait of this most public yet elusive of medieval women. However as an account of the early Plantagenets, that striving bunch all struggling against one another for power, it is a decent read. With astonishing historic detail, mesmerizing pageantry, and irresistible accounts aquitaie royal scandal and intrigue, she recreates not only a remarkable personality but a magnificent past era.

Her surviving son, King John Lackland was a tyrant and cruel individual, widely hated by his own countrymen and probably responsible for the murder of Arthur a possible successor to the throne.

Many of my preconceived notions about her and her family were proven false. Books by Alison Weir. The one knock against the book, and this is hardly the author’s fault, is that there are long periods of Eleanor’s life when the contemporary sources felt no need to record her activities.

The quote, spoken by Eleanor to her son John, ‘Hush, dear. He makes them kneel either side of the bed, blesses it, then they get into it and he pulls the curtains together. Slimy Prince John looks slimy. He pulls away, and as she lies there weeping, he is oblivious.