View and Download Dbx XT instruction manual online. dbx XT Compressor/Limiter Instruction manual. XT Air Compressor pdf manual download. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by DBX. To purchase XT spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. Classic compressor for recording or stage use. Balanced and unbalanced inputs/ outputs. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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We have added a few new features to manuall dbx Model XT while main- taining the performance and ease of operation of its predecessor, the dbx X. Contact our Customer Service Department for information regard- ing factory installation of the optional balanced transformer. There are no user-serviceable parts in- side, and you run the risk of an electric shock.

In other words, the output level is constant when the input signal is above thresh- old. If you need to return a product to the factory for service, include a letter describing the problem.

Dbx 160XT Instruction Manual

The equal- izer can be adjusted for boost with a peak of about 5kHz, causing the cym- bal to be compressed on a very loud crash, stopping tape saturation at high frequencies, where there is less headroom. Turn Off all equipment before making any connections. To compress a live mix dbz to protect loudspeakers, connect sbx XT be- v: When compressing a stereo program with a pair of XTs, the factors affecting a compression curve and the actual compression ratio and threshold settings, are like those previously covered with reference to single channels of program material.

Compression lessens the loudness variations among the strings and 160tx the sustain. Often, a prob- lem is relatively simple and can be quickly fixed after telephone consult- ation.

Page 4 Inspection 1. Those fre- quencies passed by the filter are subject to compression or at least they are subject to considerably more compression than those frequencies out- side the passband. Threshold and compression ratios are adjustable over a wide range, so virtually any line level signal can be processed effectively.

The control curve of the RATIO potentiometer has been designed to pro- vide total operator control, with scale expansion at the subtle lower ratios for easy, repeatable settings. The stereo coupling can be disengaged instantly by a front panel pushbutton. The Model X requires a maximum of 1 2 watts AC power. Another option is to install an output trans- former, which will allow grounding of either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type out- put see page This will suppress the program material pre- ceding this loud passage.


Using a Filter in the Level Detector Circuit The results of inserting a filter in the level detector circuit are basically the same as obtained with an equalizer, as previously described. In all cases, you are responsible for trans- portation charges to the factory, dbx will pay return shipping if the unit is still under warranty.

That is, when a phone plug is inserted, the detector input is no longer connected in parallel with the audio input.

This is a special negative compression effect whereby the program dynamics are inverted above the set threshold i. Full text of ” DBX: Please refer to the terms of your Limited Two-Year Standard Warranty, which extends to the first end-user. The master 1 60XT will now respond to the combined inputs of the XTs. In hard-knee compression mode, the threshold is defined as that point above which the output level no longer changes on a 1: Please complete the Registration Card and return it.

Depending on the THRESHOLD setting, lower level fundamentals or harmonics will not cause compression, and the program is not subject to the phase shift nor- mally caused by program equalization.

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Frequency-Weighted Compression With this arrangement, raising certain frequencies on the equalizer causes them to be suppressed in the audio signal. With some experimen- dxb, the effect can be that of zero attack time at a given frequency. All trademarks are property of their respective companies. In certain situations, the auxiliary device may need to be inserted in the signal path, not in the detector path.

Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced — this is no problem for the 1 60XT. Know the serial number of your unit — this is printed on a sticker attached to the rear panel. Be sure to verify both your actual line voltage and the volt- age for which your Model XT was wired, as indicated on the rear panel of your unit. Raising a signal out of a mix Since reducing dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, a single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression.


Side-chain applications Frequency-weighted compression It is possible to separate certain vocals and instruments from a mix by fre- quency-weighted compression.

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If two independent compressors are used to process the stereo program, a loud sound occurring in one channel will cause a gain reduction only in that channel. Your 1 60XT was carefully packed at the factory in a protective carton. In Over Easy mode, the threshold of compression is defined as the approximate middle of the Over Easy threshold region, as shown in Figure Program-dependent attack and release times assure natural sound maanual the need for con- tinuous manual adjustments.

In hard-knee compression mode, the thres- hold is defined as that point above which the out- put level no longer changes on a 1: The equalization in the de- tector circuit means that the compressor is not triggered as readily by a loud tom-tom beat as by an equally loud cymbal crash. Never remove the cover. If you do not plan to use the XT for an extended period of time, unplug it. Do not ship parcel post. Our phone number is listed on the inside of the front cover. Verify that the 1 60XT package contains the following: The system can then be run at higher levels and will only be dropped back when dam- aging signals are present.

Other instruments, such as horns, manuaal in loudness depending on the note being played, and benefit similarly. The detectors of Two Model X’s can be coupled so that stereo programs are compressed with stable imaging, by means of a simple patch cable between the two units.