Shirley MacLaine’s book, The Camino, is about a famous pilgrimage that has been taken by people for centuries called the Santiago de Compostela Camino. Iconic film star, Shirley MacLaine (Steel Magnolias, Terms of As I sat in the Café Iruña on the Plaza del Castillo, the answer that was coming. Jan 19, This Pin was discovered by Teresa Areces. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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However, it did illustrate to me just how much the Camino infrastructure and signage has improved since the s, for which I am thankful. I was caught up in the actual concept of this journey and the transformational possibilities. I shiley was reminded of the active imagination techniques developed by Sirley G. This is not to say for certain she didn’t complete the entrie miles but even photos as part of the book would have alleviated my doubts.

Jun 19, Sonya Madden rated it it was amazing. In testament to the endurance and vitality of her message, each of her eight legendary bestsellers — from Don’t Fall Off the Mountain to My Lucky Stars — continues today to attract, dazzle, and transform countles It has been nearly three decades since Shirley MacLaine commenced her brave and public commitment to chronicling her personal quest for spiritual understanding.

And so I highly recommend The Camino to you as a maclaime to help you in your own journey through this mysterious life. And once again, she brings her inimitable qualities of mind and heart to her writing.


Shirley MacLaine Interview on Spiritual Travel

Theatregal Veteran Member Donating Member. Subscribe to our Newsletter For travel inspiration, Camino tips and advice, events and special offers. One drop of joy plus discipline becomes empathy, the ability to know that your emotions are real and all those around you are real, which then restores your God-consciousness.

Certainly people you have an immediate reaction to, you may have met before.

5 Camino books to read before your trip –

I heard about this book before walking the Camino myself inand now, nearly two years later, I’ve actually gotten around to reading it. Yes, I thought, had I created Lemuria, the fall from grace, original sin, and my separation from the Divine?

It is the eagerly anticipated and altogether startling culmination of Shirley MacLaine’s extraordinary — and ultimately rewarding — road through life. Quotes from The Camino: MacLaine will be quite alright.

Aug 31, Jude Arnold rated it macclaine was amazing. Contemplating ehirley lives and their futures while trying to discern the significance of the Santiago de Compostela Camino.

Perhaps I’ll have to follow in her footsteps. It gave me a little insight into her life.

Nowadays, you could be looking for spirituality, and spend as much as you like and can in food and lodging and help local economy by the way. Hi Adrienne, thank you for the suggestion. Jun 03, Debbie Boucher rated it it was ok.

The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit

I made some great friends on the Camino and loved company while walking. She is aware of her privileged position that allows her to travel the world without the concerns that hinder the rest of us.


I think we know the answer.

Aug 03, Ray Foy rated it really liked it. In her usual thought provoking candor she writes about the spiritual dreams and visions she is susceptible to, believing she was once a Moorish woman with an angel named Ariel who enters in and out of her life. Maybe other pilgrims along the way told Shirley about the ‘no friends’ rule.

I don’t believe she would have embellished the grimy, difficult details about the refugios, the people and her experiences if they weren’t completely true.

However, I did glean facts and an atmospheric sense of the Camino and found them all the more grounded in reality, because the author laid everything else so bare and open to ridicule and criticism.

I wanted to learn what it was like to actually shlrley it, not have some past-life experiences. Oct 11, Faye Maclqine rated it really maclaiine it Shelves: Each book provides a unique viewpoint of the Camino from the perspective of the author and the characters chosen to act out the long journey.