Intecont Tersus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for weighing tasks better than % Manual and/or automatic zero setting Full. The INTECONT Tersus weighing elec- tronics is specially tion module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and/or automatic zero setting. processes, the INTECONT Tersus meas- uring, control, and supervisory module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and automatic zero setting.

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The increment value only applies to the local display and for printouts. The value for the plant can be adapted through P The function block is two-staged.

Damaged or defective electrical components must immediately be re-placed or, if possible, repaired by qualified personnel. Stand-By W2 07 – Filters Number: Input the value Acknowledge input. Turn manuql of total measurement The feeder drive can be switched on and off with the keys in this field if the mode amnual operation and the para-meterization permit it.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Special start-up and empty running functions can also be activated. This space has a yellow background.

Fading out may result in breaks in the numbering. The parameters values will be converted automatically if the dimensions are changed. The scale has to run in volumetric operation. EasyServe also allows the scales data to be accessed by remote data transfer. If a chain curtain is placed over the weighing platform area, the effective calibration weight then becomes the total weight of the chain in the weighing inrecont.


Key in the length ratio in percent in parameters Platform Dis. The external absolute setpoints of the fieldbus FB or analog output AI manal be eva-luated relatively with the keyboard. Attach the calibration weight at the place provided. The parameter value can be set using an adjustment program or by automatic adaptation.

Published on Oct View 2. However, it is always expe-dient to measure the length manually and to enter the exact manua as a parameter. After the seconds have been entered and confirmed, the new time will be accepted. Clean tail and drive pulleys. Out of Tolerance W1 P In sum, a well-rounded operating comfort concept for discerning operators who are looking for more than just operating and monitoring functions.

The inclination of the belt can be determined easily using a spirit level and a measuring tape. Call up the function block The previously selected function will be displayed if no event is pending.

In parameters C 08, not the actual weight but the weight affecting the weighing twrsus must be entered. We will intecomt list only a few important pieces of information and some recommenda-tions at this point.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Pulses per length P The duration of the impulse is set by P The measuring system can be part of a more complex plant. Special languages such as Chinese and Russian can also be loaded Automatic adjustment programs. Watch belt circuit sensor service value; if need be, remedy fault.

Set the parameters P Service and MaintenanceService and MaintenanceService and MaintenanceService and Maintenance All warning and jntecont signs on the scales must be observed.


Then find out more about the individual components at www. The function can be turned off. The counter protocol is available at any time. Hbc Radiomatic Micron 5 User Manual? The feed rate at the discharge is equal to the feed rate of the prefeeder.

Password Confirm Defines the access protection for the function at the operating console. Totalizer 3 cannot be deleted. The load cell output voltage is proportional to the platform load. Calibration active is shown in the header. It is determined by the design of the weighing platform and can usually be found in the technical data sheets. The load distribution on a single-roll weighbridge is shown by the white triangle. Deselecting Batch Mode means intscont the displays are no longer accessible, although they appear again with the new preselection.

Furthermore they may also cause considerable disruption to weigh operations. The Nominal Belt Load calculated from the rated values functions internally. Access to some functions can be configured in the Dialog Behaviour block. The printing procedure can be cancelled at any time.

Return to the normal display, or abort a function. Compensation adapts itself whenever material is conveyed. Function block Calibration CW: The following two lines show readings that can be selected with the cursor buttons.

For example, the evaluation electronics for continuous measurement systems are ideally equipped for international use.