So far as could be learned, no gold was received this week. Download as txt, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. Liberalization has been supported by two. ley uruguay pdf files. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley uruguay pdf files. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Summary/citation: Legislative structure of OSH in Uruguay is constituted by Ley núm. , medidas de prevención para evitar los accidentes de trabajo [en.

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Legislative structure of OSH in Uruguay is constituted by 502 legislation and in particular, with legislation issued for each sector or activity. Particular OSH regulations regarding work sectors are as follows: Migrant workers are included within the scope of OSH legislation. Domestic workers are included within the scope of OSH legislation.

The national OSH legislation covers all branches of economic activity. The law provides for a list of occupational diseases.

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The law only states that other diseases may be recognized. The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, plans and programs related to work activity, social benefits, food and nutrition.

The Ministry must articulate interest between social sectors to optimize the development of relations promoting labour and employment policies. The functions of the Ministry are the following: The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is integrated with the following execution units: Employers must take safety and security measures for workers in order to prevent accidents arising from the use of machinery as well as overall deficiencies in the facilities.

The law provides for the allocation of joint responsibility between the different employers within one undertaking, thus holding all employers engaged in activities in one workplace liable for any situation that violates OSH legislation.

The law provides for a general duty that workers exposed to risk factors chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic must undergo a medical check prior to admission to work, and periodic medical checks according to the nature of work activities. Work with vibrations, work involving abnormal pressures, work with biological hazards. Employers must provide the personal protective equipment, that must comply with the UNIT technical standards.

Workplaces must have first aid kits equipped with the list of materials provided by law and other medicines that doctors deem necessary.

Workplaces located over half an hour away from populated centers shall have portable first aid kits with the list of materials provided by law. In case of accident, the workers must be supervised by a worker trained with knowledge in first aid. Employers are required to put in place sanitary installation which shall be illuminated and ventilated, in hygienic conditions, located in a place isolated from the rest of the workplace, independent for each sex, and proportionate to the number of workers.

The law set out requirements in relation to showers, closets and dormitory premises.


Workers must provide hygienic drinking and washing water. The law sets out requirements in relation to sinks and water sources. Workplaces with continuous working schedules must provide an eating area isolated and independent from the rest of the workplace. The eating area must have light, ventilation, adequate temperature and facilities for workers.

Employers urugkay establish cooperation between employers and workers throughout any mechanism, let it be worker delegate or safety committee, in order to plan prevention of work risks and hazards among other occupational safety and health objectives.

Employers must inform and train workers about risks related to tasks carried out in the workplace and their prevention.

In workplaces with or more workers internal Occupational Safety Services shall be established. The Ministry of Labour may require the establishment of Occupational Safety Service in other cases according to the risks of the workplace. Workplaces with 5 to 99 workers must have an inter-workplaces or external Occupational Safety Service.

Workplaces with uruguy more workers must have an internal Occupational Safety Service. Supervisors and other people, who have under their direction and supervision any number of workers, must exercise constant vigilance over them to prevent and avoid occupational accidents. Supervisors, who have under their direction and supervision any number of workers, must exercise constant vigilance over them to prevent and uruguuay occupational accidents.

Workers must comply with OSH measures established by the law and must cooperate with the employer. Workers or their representatives have the right, in accordance with national law and practice, to consult and make recommendations to the ufuguay with regard to OSH aspects related to their work. Workers have the right to suspend their work and tasks when they have reasonable ground to believe they uduguay in imminent or serious danger.

Employers don’t have a duty to consult workers on risks associated with their work, however workers or their representatives have the right, in accordance with national law and practice, to consult and make OSH related recommendations to the employer. For construction industry with 5 or more workers at the workplaces, key OSH delegate must be designated. The time devoted to the OSH training will be considered as working time. In case of imminent or serious danger to the life or health of workers the OSH delegate must communicate the situation to the General Inspectorate within a period of 24 hours.

The General Inspectorate has 24 hours to visit the workplace; in such circumstance the OSH delegate may accompany the acting Inspector. The time devoted to OSH training will be considered as working time and will be remunerated. Uguguay joint OSH committee has the function to plan preventative measures, contribute to the satisfaction of the urguay needs of the worker, keep record of accidents, assess new risks, promote and collaborate with the planning of trainings on work risks prevention for workers and employers, analyse accident statistics, promote and maintain cooperation in health, safety and working environment.

OSH delegates and OSH committee members are protected from disciplinary action; such representatives shall not be subject to sanctions because of their activity as such. Manufacturers, importers and suppliers must provide employers with and gather from them necessary information for the use and handling of chemical products in order to avoid risk to the safety uryguay health of workers.


Urubuay information must be compulsorily presented through labels and data sheets.

Ley 5032 uruguay pdf file

50332 Exhibitors, sellers, importers, customers or employers who use machinery are responsible for compliance with legal provisions establishing security measures for such machinery. Pregnant workers are entitled to 12 weeks lry maternity leave, during which time they cannot be dismissed.

Pregnant workers have leu right to be absent at work in case of medical prescription with full salary for up uruugay 4 months, and half salary for up to 6 months. Civil servants who are mothers, in the cases which they themselves breastfeed their children, may request to reduce half of the working hours until the infant requires it, after having leey use of the postnatal leave.

It is forbidden for pregnant and lactating workers to apply, handle, or prepare pesticides. The National Children’s Institute must urgently issue a list of hazardous works or harmful tasks to the physical, spiritual and moral development 503 young workers.

The employer is required to record occupational accidents and diseases in the labour record book. Employers must notify in 72 hours in Montevideo or in 5 working days in others areas the occupational accidents and diseases of workers insured by the Insurance Bank of the State.

Also the Inspectorate must receive the occupational accidents and diseases notifications. Inspectors have the power to enter the workplace during the day or night without notification. Inspectors have the right to examine, monitor and gather evidence or perform any investigation to ensure the application of labour and social security law provisions. Inspectors have the power to issue writing notices to the employer or extend orders when the effective implementation of the labour law is required.

Inspectors have a duty to order employers to comply with the preventive measures for serious risks within 10 days.

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The inspectorate has the power to impose financial penalties trough an administrative process. Inspectors have the power to adopt immediate OSH measures or to close the workplace or units, machinery or equipment of the workplace when the situation presents a serious danger to the life or physical integrity of workers.

Inspectors must communicate immediately the measures adopted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The crime of manslaughter is provided for in the Criminal Code. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. There are a number of other norms regarding occupational health.